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The minor league basketball system in the United States is broken.

With almost no viable options, players are forced to travel overseas to try and navigate the landscape of international basketball, or take their chances with fly-by-night leagues and teams who may not last a full season.

In the U.S., outside of the NBA and it's subsidiary D-League, there are no guaranteed contracts, no stable fan base, no ability to continue playing professional basketball and advancing a player's career.

All of that is about to change forever.

What's coming is a sustainable, scalable pro basketball circuit. This will allow players to play professionally while remaining in the U.S., to work around their lives, locations and schedules. It will allow your more opportunity to control your own destiny.

For potential team owners, it's the chance to start a team with a miniscule investment and grow it into a financial powerhouse. There are even opportunities for players who want to own their own roster.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

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